Wikiherb.info is a blog that contains information about the various kinds of drugs derived from nature (plants, animals, etc.) that can be used to treat various diseases. The information contained in Wikiherb.info can be used as a reference or an alternative in treating various diseases. There are several things to note about Wikiherb.info:
  1. Wikiherb.info provide information on various types of diseases and information about treatment alternatives with ingredients sourced from nature.
  2. All articles in Wikiherb.info taken from various works independently, and from various reliable sources.
  3. Some information on Wikiherb.info researched and tested, but you still have to be - be careful if you try to use natural ingredients for the treatment.
  4. Some plants may have not been studied scientifically, but it has been proven and used as medicine in some countries, especially in Southeast Asia, such as: Indonesia, Filipinos, Thai, etc.
  5. Ask again to the "expert" in your area if you want to use natural ingredients for the treatment.
  6. Response to certain substances, everyone is different. Consult your doctor if you want to use materials from nature as a drug.
  7. Wikiherb.info not responsible for the consequences or side effects resulting from the use of natural remedies for treatment.
  8. Wikiherb.info no responsibility is, for the misuse of (directly or indirectly) the information in this blog.
  9. Wikiherb.info containing advertising, we are not responsible for the content of the ads on this blog.
  10. Wikiherb.info contains banner link partners, we are not responsible for the content of the banner in Wikiherb.info.
  11. In order to improve the information in Wikiherb.info, Wikiherb.info content will always be updated regularly, you can get updates from Wikiherb.info to be a follower or subscribe to the "subscibe column".

You can provide feedback, suggestions, information about natural medicine to us through the comments, forum, the "contact us" or via email: admin@wikiherb.info, we will respond through the comment form or directly via e-mail you provided.

We hope you get useful information from Wikiherb.info, thank you.

Wikiherb team
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